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We are exporter professional, that have the capacity of send to different places and response soon, in the world our difference is in excellence service because have and know all the process, opened to changes of the world nowadays sell to diferent countries and industrialize we products in new projects, we are adapting to requeriments of the industrialization global.

Tagua Powder

Tagua pure is a perfect ingredient in cosmetic exfoliation products, where a white color is preferred. Available in exfoliation grains, powders and flours, this sustainable product offers an all-natural alternative to microbeads and other synthetic & chemical derived beauty and body care ingredients. Tagua, also known as


High quality in fresh fruits , pitahaya dragon fruit, nopal fresh fruit, uchuva fresh, aloe vera, cacao beans, coffee beans, we are working to process of deshidrated of fruit as snacks  we products are naturals, not cholesterol, not colors, not artificial flavors, these is a Best chip with natural in different presentation as you requeriment 250gr 500 gr bulk etc.

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