We are exporter professional, that have the capacity of send to different places and response soon , in the world our difference is in excellence service because have and know all the process, opened to changes of the world nowadays sell to diferent countries and industrialize we products in new projects, we are adapting to requeriments of the industrialization global Sosa export nowadays distinguishing whit high quality, desing and durability of products, we interest is a longer term business, with terms in confidence. In many times the most important is the high quality and price combination, we interest in the business, is very important we would like have expansion, with new costumers in other countries, and invest with our partners and development, new ideas of business. We have office in Quito-(Ecuador),Otavalo-(Ecuador) and Manta Montecristi collection center We are committed with change in our country and believe in our people and grow with contributors and suppliers in development.
Our Shipment