Our Food Products

Here we offer some food products such as, fresh fruits, deshidrated fruits, cocoa and coffee beans, palm heart,  if you are interested in these products please contact us… High quality in all products that we offer, we would like to offer you an excellent business relationship long terms in our country,  we are ready to adapt to your business needs… You requeriment 250gr 500 gr bulk etc, also welcome your brand private label in any lenguage, different type such as natural sweet, salted etc.
Palm Heart
Nopal Fresh
Aloe Vera Organic
Tagua Nut
Dragon Fruit Yellow
Coffee Special
Coffee Gourmet
Chocolate 60% pure cacao, with coffee
Chocolate 60% pure cacao, with Banana
Chocolate 60% pure cacao, with Passion Fruit
Cacao bean
We sell the best quality 100% fine aroma
Coffee Arabic
High quality coffee, the variety of this is Caturra Castille, the same that is produced in the mountains of Ecuador to the north. Arabic coffee bean contains more coffee in between 1.1 to 1.7% flavor is sweet and aromatic and significantly less bitter and astringent.